Saturday, May 15, 2010

Building a New Guitar

Well people, I am finally fulfilling a long-time dream of mine...building a guitar. I have always wanted to build my own, customized axe, but I haven't really had the money or time. Well I still don't really have the money or time, but I am doing it anyway!

I have been a fan of Ernie Ball/Music Man guitars since the 90's when Eddie Van Halen (my guitar idol when I was in high school) played them, but they were so expensive I could never afford one. Years later, another guitar player that was and still is a huge influence is DJ Ashba. I discovered DJ when I was still writing and recording with my last band Mu5tard and I introduced his stuff to the guys in my band. He is a really talented writer/producer and guitar player, that has written for Motley Crue, the Last Vegas and Drowning Pool, as well as writing and recording with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue as a member of Nikki's solo band Sixx: AM. Amazing player. Anyhow, he started playing an Ernie Ball/Music Man that looked like it was covered in leather or something and that intrigued me. Turns out, as I researched the guitar I found out that he did it all himself, and stiched the leather together with sinew and attached it to the body. I thought that this would be a great idea for a project guitar so that is what I have decided to do.

Its been a long process getting this whole thing started. I found a body in the style I was looking for on ebay for around $30, so I bought it and put it in the closet. Around a year later I finally got around to buying a neck and getting some tuners for it. I am currently in the process of cutting out the headstock and drilling new holes for the tuners. I will post some pics of the progress so far, but the shot at the top of this post is a pick of the body.

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