Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anti-Christ '08

I love this picture. It was on a t-shirt during the '08 election. I wanted to buy the shirt but the wife said no, because I would get into fights if I wore it out. While we were talking, she was eating prociutto. Prociutto is a really salty Italian ham, that is truly disgusting and I cannot see how people eat it. She rolled up an extra large piece of prociutto and said you can buy the shirt if you eat this. I grabbed it and chewed it up and swallowed it....and gagged. I never ended up buying the shirt for some reason or another, but the wife stood by the deal and said that I could if I wanted to. She didn't think I would do it. Eat the prociutto, that is. This, in and of itself should show the depth of my disgust for Obama and his regime. To quote the neo-yuppie liberal scumbags during the Bush administration...."he's not my president"


I couldn't agree more. I think the picture says it all.

Neck Plate

This is a shot of the Neck Plate that my Dad and I made from Treadplate for the guitar. I am so blessed to have such a talented father that is a jack-of-all-trades. He is amazing, from plumbing and carpentry to engineering and metal fabrication. The guy can do it all during the week and then preach a sermon on Sunday. Pretty amazing and talented guy. He did this with me in about 1/2 an hour at 10 o'clock on a Wednesday night in his pajamas. He would kill me if he knew I wrote that! HA! Anyhow, it came out great and will be a pretty cool addition to the guitar.

Building a New Guitar

Well people, I am finally fulfilling a long-time dream of mine...building a guitar. I have always wanted to build my own, customized axe, but I haven't really had the money or time. Well I still don't really have the money or time, but I am doing it anyway!

I have been a fan of Ernie Ball/Music Man guitars since the 90's when Eddie Van Halen (my guitar idol when I was in high school) played them, but they were so expensive I could never afford one. Years later, another guitar player that was and still is a huge influence is DJ Ashba. I discovered DJ when I was still writing and recording with my last band Mu5tard and I introduced his stuff to the guys in my band. He is a really talented writer/producer and guitar player, that has written for Motley Crue, the Last Vegas and Drowning Pool, as well as writing and recording with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue as a member of Nikki's solo band Sixx: AM. Amazing player. Anyhow, he started playing an Ernie Ball/Music Man that looked like it was covered in leather or something and that intrigued me. Turns out, as I researched the guitar I found out that he did it all himself, and stiched the leather together with sinew and attached it to the body. I thought that this would be a great idea for a project guitar so that is what I have decided to do.

Its been a long process getting this whole thing started. I found a body in the style I was looking for on ebay for around $30, so I bought it and put it in the closet. Around a year later I finally got around to buying a neck and getting some tuners for it. I am currently in the process of cutting out the headstock and drilling new holes for the tuners. I will post some pics of the progress so far, but the shot at the top of this post is a pick of the body.

My Blog

Well, here I am writing my first Blog. Interesting, I never thought that I would be doing this but I was talking to the guy that does my tattoos the other day, Albie Rock, and he gave me the idea to do a blog, as he updates his daily. I figure I have so much stuff floating around my head, stories to tell, and opinions that I might as well start writing them down. I will use this blog for all kinds of things like new ideas, news updates, and commentary, so the topics I blog about will be quite varied.

Now I will apologize ahead of time: I have very strong opinions and I can be a bit ignorant, intolerant, and abrasive with my views so here goes....

Approach with caution, you may or may not like what you read. You may agree or disagree with the content in some blogs. Just giving you due warning. Remember these are my opinions alone and do not necessarily reflect those of my family, church, or friends.